Monday, February 23, 2009

Buy Local

Affordable Computers

People are starting to discover that there is a lot more to a computer than just buying one. There are a huge variety of configurations that can be adapted to specific purposes. There is a wide difference in reliability - ask anyone who bought a Dell, a Gateway or an Apple and had it shipped to them. Opening the boxes was often just the begininng of a series of problems.

Three Year Warranty

Whether you are a home or a business, you should not have to tolerate a lack of service or functionality. That is why you want to buy your computer from a local business that can serve you as an individual. First and foremost, we have a three-year warranty when we put together your computer system. You need that. Most computers have some sort of technical issue during their service lives. That is the nature of electronic equipment. It is much better to have a local friend that is there to help you get back up and running.

Planning Your Total System

We help you plan, design and research your new system and recommend what is required to run the software you need to suit your business or home needs. At Affordable Computers you won't be the victim of a telephone salesperson who is trying to hurry up and sell you so that he can meet his quota. We maintain a current knowledge of hardware, software and network technology so that we can get you the latest and best solutions.

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