Monday, February 23, 2009

Buy Local

Affordable Computers

People are starting to discover that there is a lot more to a computer than just buying one. There are a huge variety of configurations that can be adapted to specific purposes. There is a wide difference in reliability - ask anyone who bought a Dell, a Gateway or an Apple and had it shipped to them. Opening the boxes was often just the begininng of a series of problems.

Three Year Warranty

Whether you are a home or a business, you should not have to tolerate a lack of service or functionality. That is why you want to buy your computer from a local business that can serve you as an individual. First and foremost, we have a three-year warranty when we put together your computer system. You need that. Most computers have some sort of technical issue during their service lives. That is the nature of electronic equipment. It is much better to have a local friend that is there to help you get back up and running.

Planning Your Total System

We help you plan, design and research your new system and recommend what is required to run the software you need to suit your business or home needs. At Affordable Computers you won't be the victim of a telephone salesperson who is trying to hurry up and sell you so that he can meet his quota. We maintain a current knowledge of hardware, software and network technology so that we can get you the latest and best solutions.

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Friday, February 20, 2009

Merlins Magical Mix of Dessert Coffees and More!

Merlins Coffee is Magic With plenty of offstreet parking, Merlin's is your first stop in Historic Downtown Hanover. Grab some coffee, tea or hot chocolate and enjoy your first-rate beverage with a sweet treat to set your day off right. And we're green, too. There's a special discount if you bring your go-cup.

Really - We've got the Beans

There's a whole lot of difference between coffees. Beans are graded like fine wines, and we get some of the best beans imported into the country. The beans are roasted fresh and ground not long before you drink the coffee.

The Beans are the Seeds

The brewed beverage we call coffee, is made from the roasted seed of the coffee plant. In the 800s, Ethiopians started to drink it for the stimulant effect. Legend has it that shepherds watched their goats dance after consuming wild coffee berries. In fact, the word coffee comes from the Arabic words meaning "wine of the bean". It spread all over the Arabian world and inched its way into Italy by the time of the Renaissance.

Leonhard Rauwolf, a German physician spent ten years in the Middle East. In 1583, Doctor Rauwolf wrote a description of coffee:

"A beverage as black as ink, useful against numerous illnesses, particularly those of the stomach. Its consumers take it in the morning in a porcelain cup that is passed around and from which, each one drinks a cupful. It is composed of water and the fruit from a bush called bunnu."

A Rebellious Tradition

American tradition holds that coffee increased in popularity after the hated Stamp Act imposed a tax on tea. Bostonians upset with this tax decided to dump a bunch of tea into the harbor in what became known as the Boston Tea Party. Patriots boycotted the tea and turned to coffee, instead.

During the American Civil War, residents of New Orleans turned to brewing chickory root as a substitute for the coffee that was in short supply due to the Federal blockade of the Port of New Orleans. Coffee with chickory is still the preferred coffee in New Orleans. The Port of New Orleans is also the number one point of entry for imported coffee in these United states.

So, there is an historical rebelliousness associated with coffee and it is one of the most valuable legally traded commodities (after oil).

Thursday, February 19, 2009 Welcomes Sun Expressions

Sun Expressions in Historic Downtown Hanover, PA has joined

Finding the best sunglasses for your fun in the sun.

You've probably heard how it is becoming increasingly more important to protect your skin from exposure to the sun when you are outdoors. That is also very true for your eyes. The same damaging rays that attack the skin can lead to long term vision problems if your eyes are not properly protected.


Sunburn of the cornea is a painful condition that can possibly include some loss of vision, perhaps temporary. It is a dangerous problem that is hurting a lot of people. Ultraviolet (UV) radiation burns the inside of your eyes and is strongest between 10 am and 4pm. Anyone who spends time outdoors during these hours is at risk. If the sunlight is reflected off of the water, concrete, car windshields, sand or snow, the intensity of the UV exposure increases dramatically.

Ultraviolet Radiation

Sunlight has UVA and UVB radiation. You want to get sunglasses that block both. The color tinting is not as important as the TV commercials would have you believe. It is important that when you look through your sunglasses that colors are not distorted. You do want to recognize traffic signals and stop lights. Green, brown, amber and grey tinted sunglasses work well for driving.

Come see the selection that we have and we can help you find the pair that is right for you.

If you are going to the beach, participating in snow sports, driving, going fishing or farming, you are in a high-risk activity that demands first-rate protection of one of the most valuable gifts that you have - your sight!